Empowered with energy, life, and style, this concept video was created with the intention of highlighting the urban aesthetic behind this coastal brand's inspiration and production. The consumer is someone who lives on the go, someone dressed and ready for whatever may come their way, and who lives as much for the city they live in as the nearest escape outside of it. 



Video was collected from the internet and edited to show two particular moods and styles — Live Boldly and Reimagine Water. Each concept was built from the basic idea of connection, both in life and with the water. But while Live Boldly focused on escape and living life to the fullest, Reimagine Water explored the emotions and discoveries we share with one another.

Both were presented before a panel of viewers, which then inspired a third and final video — Inspired by the Sea — to be made. A position that would propel this coastal brand forward with a new image and statement within the world of lifestyle fashion.

Note: While the videos were edited by me, I take zero credit for the footage captured above.